Solid Hardwood floors are not suitable for every space, that’s where Engineered Hardwood comes in. Engineered Hardwood has the same look, feel and durability of Solid Hardwood, the difference is that Engineered Hardwood is built in layers. The top layer is real wood but below the surface are multiple levels of high density fiberboard or plywood which creates a board with as much strength and stability as Solid Hardwood.

The reason so many people are choosing Engineered Hardwood for their homes is because of its added durability. Engineered Hardwood is not affected by temperature or humidity and as a result, the top wood layer does not expand. This makes Engineered Hardwood perfect for basements or cellars that are constantly being exposed to moisture.

Engineered Hardwood is not exclusive to below grade or underground levels of a house, because the top layer is still made with real wood and it has the same look, feel and texture as classic hardwood floors. When shopping for Engineered Floors you can find almost as many varieties of color and wood species as you would with a Solid Hardwood floor. Once the Engineered Hardwood floor installed you can’t even tell the difference between Solid and Engineered.  

In many ways, installing and caring for an Engineered Hardwood floor is easier than caring for Solid Hardwood floors. They can be floated, glued or stapled down to an existing floor with minimal prep work involved. Once installed, they are ready to be used and walked on immediately since they come pre-sanded and sealed.

Because Engineered Hardwood is made from real wood on the top layer, it can be sanded and refinished a limited number of times depending on the brand and if properly cared for it will last as long as Solid Hardwood.

If you’re considering installing new floors in your home of office and can’t decide between Engineered Hardwood or Solid Hardwood visit out showroom or call the experts at Norman the Floorman, 973.515.5211 to discuss which type of flooring works best for you!

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