Laminate Floors

Affordability and beauty are two major factors when deciding on laminate floors. Norman the Floorman offers a range of laminate flooring that promotes benefits such as easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, and added durability. Our satisfied customers can attest to just how simple this floor is to cleaning quickly and easily. The array of laminate options makes this a simple choice for fashion and price conscious home owners. Recent breakthroughs in manufacturing and technology have allowed laminate flooring makers to create unique and beautiful flooring.

The choice of laminate floors vary in both texture and color. Selections such as time-worn, coastal/beach, and reclaimed woods are just a few of the recent designs Norman the Floorman has to offer to customers. Laminate floors mimic the look and depth of real hardwood floors which can sometimes make it difficult to differentiate actual hardwood floors from laminate floors. However, it is not just hardwood floors that laminate flooring can imitate but also stone or tile. Laminate floor manufacturers use state of the art machinery to create floors that are almost identical to stone and tile floors. At Norman the Floorman we source all of our laminate flooring from the most trusted names in flooring. Some manufacturers even provide 25 year warranties on laminate flooring.

In addition to mirroring some of the traditional styles of flooring, laminate floors are eco-friendly as well. The method by which they emulate marble, stone, or tile mimics the look you want without actually using the literal resources. In addition, laminate floors are able to be cleaned without using any harsh chemicals that can contribute to pollution in water or air.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is also sold and installed by Norman the Floorman. Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean floor that will leave your room looking fresh for years to come. Vinyl is similar to laminate because they both are able to mirror different styles in a less expensive way. Manufacturers of vinyl flooring have created vinyl flooring that looks similar to hardwood floors, as well as natural stone and tile. Different wood floor colors such as dark or blonde wood are just a small offering of the different vinyl styles Norman the Floorman has available.

There is another advantage that vinyl flooring has over hardwood flooring, it is waterproof. This makes any accidental spill or mess easy to wipe up and won’t seep into the hardwood flooring. In addition to it being waterproof, it is also a sturdy, everlasting floor that can withstand all lifestyles and type of floor traffic. Vinyl floors are suitable for every room in your home, especially those where water is usually present, such as  bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and basements.

The added benefit of Vinyl being so affordable makes it possible to replace your flooring whenever you desire to redesign your interior. Norman the Floorman carries a broad selection of vinyl designs which allow you to choose the look that is just right for you

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