Nothing says “home sweet home” like the presence of hardwood floors. It extends a feeling of comfort and warmth welcoming your family and guests. It’s that ability to give the “feeling of home” is what makes it one of them most popular choices in flooring. A wide selection of wood species, colors, and textures makes hardwood flooring personal and unique to every customer’s taste.


Hardwood flooring coloration helps provide inspiration for your home designs. Colors of hardwood flooring usually reflect tones of nature and neutral mid-tones, however the decision is never hard when you’re working with the flooring expert, Norman the Floorman. It is not only the color that plays a major role in the look of your hardwood floors but texture and boardwidth as well. Boardwidth is a key contributor because it ultimately affects the way the floor will look. Current trends show that wide widths give a sense of high-end taste and modern styling.


One everlasting benefit of hardwood floors, they never go out of style. In addition, they will last for generations and are easy to clean as well. The natural warmth and beauty of having hardwood floors is something that cannot be manufactured. And that “warmth” we keep mentioning is because hardwood floors are a natural insulator that provides high insulation as well as structural strength. Hardwood floors are extremely durable and are not like other flooring which must be completely replaced when they look worn. In fact, the average hardwood floors can last over 150 years and can be maintained to look just as fresh and beautiful as the first day they were installed. Of course in the time span of 150 years, care and refinishes must be acknowledged and handled. In terms of cleanliness, no expensive cleaning chemicals or equipment is needed to maintain your hardwood floors.


It’s not only the comfort and aesthetic values that hardwood floors provide that make it an easy choice for your home, but there are also added health benefits to hardwood flooring. They don’t confine dust, dirt, animal dander or allergens and  help to provide a higher quality of indoor air. Hardwood flooring also contain substantially lower levels of chemical emissions and allergists recommend them for patients with allergies.  Lastly, hardwood floors are considered a natural “green” material that help play a role in it being considered environmentally friendly.

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